Eyelead camera sensor cleaner review

Do you need a sensor cleaner?

If you have a DSLR and you change lenses often, you’ll end up with dirt on your sensor. While most modern(ish) DSLRs have built in sensor cleaners, they don’t do a great job and struggle with the bigger bits of dirt, hair and fluff that are magically and powerfully attracted to a camera sensor.

You can get ‘wet’ and dry cleaners to clean sensors – that use either wet chemicals swabbed on the sensor or brushes/air/static to clean, but in my experience both are really good at moving the dirt around without always getting the sensor clean.

Adhesive rubber to the rescue

The eyelead sensor uses a sticky jelly head on a stick (aka ‘an adhesive rubber head with high viscuosity ‘) that you dab on the sensor and which grabs and removes dust and dirt without leaving any marks. It works flawlessly – until it gets dirty, but you can clean it.

Comes in a neat tin that you can (and should) throw in your camera bag.

Rating: [star rating=”4.5″]


Pros: It’s an excellent tool – works really well.
Cons: Not cheap, not that easy to find.