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Sign in the 'back of town' - just off Court Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

Sign in the ‘back of town’ – just off Court Street, Hamilton, Bermuda

Photography gallery: 'Black and white photos of Spain'

Black and white photos of Spain

Photography gallery: 'Eurofighters in flight'

Eurofighters in flight

Photography gallery: 'Edinburgh skies'

Edinburgh skies

Photography gallery: 'Biplanes in flight'

Biplanes in flight

Photography gallery: 'Copenhagen urban'

Copenhagen urban

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6Photography reviews from Dave Fitch

Think Tank Streetwalker Pro camera bag reviewed

The Think Tank Streetwalker Pro is a great bag for moving huge amounts of gear about. But is it a good bag to use when you're trying to take photos?

Photography review: 'Think Tank Streetwalker Pro camera bag reviewed'

Eyelead camera sensor cleaner review

Camera sensors need to be cleaned, but it's a messy and frustrating job. Does the eyelead sensor cleaner solve the problem?

Photography review: 'Eyelead camera sensor cleaner review'

Joby Gorillapod Focus review

The Job Gorillapod Focus is marketed as "a flexible tripod for professional camera rigs". Is it a brilliant idea or is the Gorillapod too good to be true?

Photography review: 'Joby Gorillapod Focus review'

Think Tank Retrospective 20 Review

I wanted a camera bag that was able to hold a Nikon D700 DSLR with 70-200mm lens attached, plus the usual extra lenses and accessories. Did the Think Tank Retrospective do the job?

Photography review: 'Think Tank Retrospective 20 Review'

Should photographers buy Drobos?

Drobos are marketed as an efficient, flexible, easy to use file storage solution. They look good, but looks can be deceiving.

Photography review: 'Should photographers buy Drobos?'

Fotografiska Gallery in Stockholm

Fotografiska is a privately owned museum/gallery focusing on contemporary photography in Stockholm.

Photography review: 'Fotografiska Gallery in Stockholm'

6Photography articles from Dave Fitch

Street photography used to be about urban/city life - about life on the street - the interaction of...

Photography article: 'Perspective: Doug Rickard and street photography in the Age of Google'

You should know exactly what equipment you have with you whenever you're shooting...

Photography article: 'Use what you've got'

That way you are covered if you walk out the door...

Photography article: 'Always carry a backup memory card.'

That's because they're probably stored on a drive that is OFFLINE.

Your lens came with a hood for a reason. Use it.

Photography article: 'Polarisers and sunshine don't always go together'

Do you have a RAW file whose thumbnail doesn't match the actual image?

Photography article: 'How to force Aperture to update a thumbnail'

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