Polarisers and sunshine don't always go together

Your lens came with a hood for a reason. Use it.

What’s the difference between these two photos taken a minute apart? Same model, same day, same light, same lens, same camera?

The performer is almost completely backlit, and the lens is pointed directly towards the sun. The photo on the left was shot with a polariser [which is why the photo on the left is bluer], the photo on the right without.

Notice the differences in clarity and contrast? All caused by reflections between the lens* and the polariser**.

* Nikkor AFS-VR 70-200 f/2.8 ** Nikon Circular Polariser II

Simple solutions: a] don’t use filters when shooting towards the sun, or b] use the lens hood that came with your lens. If you are using a super-zoom or something similar then option [a] may be your only choice.