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Street photography used to be about urban/city life - about life on the street - the interaction of...

Photography article: 'Perspective: Doug Rickard and street photography in the Age of Google'

Want to use Aperture's new image editing tools? If you have images in Aperture 3 that...

Photography article: 'Does Aperture 3 turn your photos green?'

What should you do if someone asks to use one of your photos for free? Do you understand just how much your photos actually cost you? If you know that, then, and only then, can you work out what their value is to you... and to anyone else.

Photography article: 'How much respect do you have for your own photography?'

There are limits to what a polariser can do: you need to know them.

Photography article: 'beware the polariser/wide angle lens combination'

You should know exactly what equipment you have with you whenever you're shooting...

Photography article: 'Use what you've got'

That way you are covered if you walk out the door...

Photography article: 'Always carry a backup memory card.'

That's because they're probably stored on a drive that is OFFLINE.

Your lens came with a hood for a reason. Use it.

Photography article: 'Polarisers and sunshine don't always go together'

Do you have a RAW file whose thumbnail doesn't match the actual image?

Photography article: 'How to force Aperture to update a thumbnail'

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