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Welcome! iso200 is the website of Dave Fitch, a photographer in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Everyone has (or uses) a camera when they are young, and like most of us I was terrible! I bought my first SLR in the 1980s, and fell in love with photography in Tunisia of all places. From there things developed and I started selling photos to magazines in the early 1990s – this was back in the days of Fuji Velvia and Ektachrome and manual focus. Fast forward twenty years and I’ve had my photos on book covers, on websites, Christmas cards, and I’ve even taken the odd picture of a bride and groom.

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I grew up in Bermuda: it’s no coincidence that my photography is heavily influenced by the island’s bold colours and strong, graphic architecture and shapes. My professional background is the study of cities and of urban morphology: this is reflected in a love of cities and urban and architectural photography. I was lucky enough to grow up around boats and the sea.

Copyright and licensing

Most of my images may be licensed for commercial use – use my contact form to get in touch.