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Does Aperture 3 turn your photos green?

Do you have old images in Aperture that turn bright green when you reprocess them with the new RAW decoder in Aperture 3? This article tells you how to fix this and get your photos looking like they should!

Photography article: 'Does Aperture 3 turn your photos green?'

Use what you’ve got

You should know exactly what equipment you have with you whenever you’re shooting…

Why can't I modify my image(s) in Aperture?

That’s because they’re probably stored on a drive that is OFFLINE.

Polarisers and sunshine don’t always go together

Your lens came with a hood for a reason. Use it.

Photography article: 'Polarisers and sunshine don’t always go together'

How to force Aperture to update a thumbnail

Do you have a RAW file whose thumbnail doesn’t match the actual image?

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